Engineered Timber Flooring



A sophisticated range of engineered hardwood flooring, this collection features the ‘Old Wood Effect’ that gives the colours of wooden floors immense character and depth. The Lalegno Antique Collection provides stable wood flooring made up of a top layer of oak timber bonded to an engineered wood base, with a full thickness of 19mm, the same as for a traditional solid hardwood floorboard. The characteristic grain swirl around large knots of European Oak has been enhanced with a chemical process to draw out the nutty brown base colours. Before the finish, we apply and cut back the board with a natural or grey wash.

Lalegno Fronsac


Lalegno Montrachet



Lalegno Antique Collection Paullic


Lalegno Chenas



Fantastic value for money with many shades, finishes and grades to choose from, this collection includes many of the Lalegno best sellers. Lalegno works with the best builders and architects in Europe and Australia to produce some of the finest wood flooring in the country. The strong boards are made up of 11mm of thin birch layers placed in alternating directions. Bonded to a 4mm lamella of European Oak, these boards come with a lifetime structural warranty and a 25 year residential wear resistance warranty. The Lalegno Designer Collection of engineered hardwood flooring is extremely practical, cost effective, and is also available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Lalegno Natmat





Lalegno Sauternes_focused




Lalegno Merlot


Lalegno Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris


Lalegno Beaune





Herringbone - Nature


Herringbone - Moonstone


Herringbone - Graphite


Black Relief

Black Relief

Herringbone - Ashen


Engineered Timber Flooring Sydney

Improve the visual aesthetic of your home’s interior space with engineered timber flooring Sydney.

Aspire Floors can design, fabricate, and install flawless, durable, and visually-appealing engineered timber flooring products and solutions.

Committed to delivering a superior and long-lasting set of tailored Sydney engineered timber flooring options to home and business owners in and around Sydney the team at Aspire Floors aim to provide the flooring that you aspire to have in your property.

Sourced from reliable and reputable manufacturers of engineered oak flooring products our installed solutions are guaranteed to add a layer of colour, style, and definition to any room.

Precisely cut and measured to meet the specifications of the room or space they are installed in our engineered wood flooring products can promptly enhance the look, feel, and appeal of your home.

Available in a number of different colours, tones, and styles the engineered timber flooring options offered by Aspire Floors can be seamlessly installed promptly and can immediately improve your home.

Engineered Timber Flooring vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

Floors made with both of these products are classified as ‘real wood’ floors. However, solid hardwood floorboards are made from single pieces of wood that are milled into planks, engineered boards are made from several different layers.

The top layer is a protective coating to the layer of real wood that is exposed as the floor board. Below are multiple layers of cross-grain wood that lend strength and resilience to the flooring.

The engineered wood solution is much more dimensionally stable and, unlike a solid wood floor, will be less affected by humidity and temperature. Engineered floors are structurally more sound and will not move or buckle.

Both floor types are naturally beautiful and easy to keep clean. Sanding is possible with both types of flooring, though it will be slightly more limited with an engineered floor due to the thinner top layer.

The thinner layer of wood in the engineered board can allow for a higher quality surface finish. Instead of the cost of solid wood, engineered timber flooring prices can include higher grade timber with fewer knots or tone variation and longer plank lengths. Alternatively, better quality lacquer or oil may be used, or UV proofing applied.

The final choice is an individual one; however, for the best look at the lowest price, engineered timber floors come out top every time.

To speak to a member of our team about the benefits of our engineered timber flooring products and solutions call us today on 02 9699 1648.